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Dear Doctor:

Do you want to advertise your services on Internet?

I can help you. Today, even high school student can create a decent web site. The problem is that a web site is useless if no one can find it. There are millions of sites about health and medicine on the Internet. Let’s imagine that your have a web site. How can you make it finable by people browsing the web? Ask Google software engineer Matt Cutts. (Watch his video) and he answers, "Create unique contents and get links to your pages from respectful sites"

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To attract visitors, you have to have unique contents on your web site and it is not enough to have few pages of that contents. You should have at least 20-30 pages of unique contents to be findable. If you can write many original educational articles for your patients, then I would advise you to have your own web site. If you need only one or two web pages with ads about your services, then it would be better for you to advertise your services on a web site that has contents related to health and medicine. I want to stress that it is critical that web site has health related content, otherwise your ad will never be found.

I have such web site. Its URL is I can create a few pages for you on my web site to advertise your services.

There are many web masters out there, who can create a web site. Why might you prefer to work with me? I can tell you way. I have not only degree in Computer Science from New York and six years of experience with a computer company that develops software for medical hospitals around the world, but also I have masters’ degree in Physiology and 10 years of experience as a researcher in neurophysiology.

And what is more important, I create web pages that can be found in Google. You can try it by yourself. Open internet explorer and go to Then type in Google search box: “Appetite control and homeostasis”. My web page will be found on the first page:

Google search example

As your can see, from 42,500 web pages about that hot topic, Google selected my web page as the first source. I can guarantee that your advertisement also will be found in Google search list if your page has unique content.

If you are interested in my service please send me your name and phone or write me a letter:
PO BOX 327, Dunedin, FL 34697

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